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Publishing Conditions

- you need to had a similar site like us
- game size must be under 10MB and only .swf
- image size must be under 200KB and 120px width x 90px height format
- no games with ANY type of ads
- no games with more than one logo or too many promotional tools
- must be a high quality game in terms of art and flash
- linking our site well help as well
- before you adding a game in this site, you have to add a game from our datebase ( Download ) in your site
- your site must have over 3000 visitators daily, if is lower then 3000 visitators daily you must add more games from our datebase on your website

If all of this conditions are accomplished your game will be approved in maximum 24 hours.

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File type:
Website Owner:
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  • Title - is the title game which will appear on the site
  • Description - The description should include the action of the game itself and be at least 150 characters.
  • Instructions - Instructions for use of the game itself
  • Embed Code - Represents the embed code for games whose source can not be taken, both images and swf or dcr
  • Keywords - will be written out of space, separated by commas eg games,girl games,free games,online games. They will appear in the meta keywords
  • Tags - the game that represents the relevant searches. It will be written in the form of girl,games,free games,games,online games
  • Category - Select category which includes the game.
  • Size - Select the game size, height and width.
  • File type - Select whether swf or dcr extension depending on the game.
  • Icon - You can upload from the pc game, swf or dcr, and the opportunity to put a link to where the swf or dcr file.
  • File - You can upload photos on pc, jpg or gif, and the opportunity to put a link to the jpg or gif file where it is.
  • E-mail - Your e-mail to comunicate about submitting games.
  • Website - The website owner of the game.